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ZagTrader ZagTrader is a specialized Financial Technology company and service provider that provides its clients in the brokerage, investment banking, capital markets, and asset management with sophisticated solutions to run their business effectively.
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ZagTrader has developed a suite of Trading Interfaces that can be integrated with our own Products and Solutions, or connected to an existing OMS, EMS, Trading System or Exchange to provide a custom Trading Interface for its users.

ZagTrader Trading Interfaces can be accessed via a Desktop, Client-Side Application, Web Application and native Tablet/Mobile Applications. Customized screens, access and functionality can also be implemented and 2FA is fully supported across all access points.

Whether you are looking for specific interfaces for different Client types (Retail vs Institutional) or custom trading screens for Dealers and Exchange Members we can connect our interfaces and UI’s to deliver a robust solution. Our standard Interface also includes multiple presets for Clients, Institutions, Dealers, Buy-Side, Sell-Side, Market Makers and Active Traders.

  • Powerful Analytics
  • Online Trading Screens
  • Advanced Research tools
  • Native applications across platforms
  • Intuitive screens and functionality
  • Easily Integrated with other systems
  • Ultra-light weight multi-threaded architecture
  • IP Whitelisting and 2FA to ensure security